The Negative Effects of Gold Mining

Most people do not know where the gold they use comes from and how it is produced. Unfortunately, gold mining is quite a devastating process which is not only harmful to humans but also to the environment. To explore the environmental effects of gold mining, check the links below. You may find an interactive gold mining map which shows the amount of gold which is mined and refined by the countries around the world. Get familiar with the “No Dirty Gold” campaign.

After you have watched the videos and read the articles, write an essay in which you discuss the negative effects of gold mining.

An interactive gold mining map:

The Pledge “No Dirty Gold


The price of gold: Chinese mining in Ghana documentary

The Devastating Effects of Gold Mining

Child Miners


Effects of Gold Mining on the Environment

Negative Effects of Gold Mining

Production of gold has many negative environmental effects

The Environmental Disaster That is the Gold Industry

Ş. Müge UYSAL,

YADYOK Assistant