Please check these videos first.


Signs You’re the chill friend

The Girl Who’s Super Low Maintenance

Now that you have watched the videos, what do you think is wrong with being chill? Do you think that being chill has nothing to do with these videos? Can you reflect on the videos before reading the articles? (Max. 150 words.)

After you read the articles, think about the categorization of women and the effects of the chill culture on women. Then, write an argumentative essay in which you clarify where you stand: Is the chill culture harmful to women or not? Is the categorization of women a fact? Or, is it socially constructed? Are women needy or dramatic? Or, are these only personality traits changing from person to person?


The Debate Women Can’t Win: High Maintenance vs. Low Maintenance

Against Chill

Why we need to stop pretending to be “chill” girls

How to Fight “Chill Girl” Teen Culture

The problem with the “Chill Girl” Culture

Why It Is Dangerous to Be A “Chill Girl” In A World Dominated By Rape Culture

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