The “Duck Syndrome” is a term coined by Stanford University. It is a metaphor which describes the situation of university students. Think of a duck gliding along the water. It looks calm, peaceful and tranquil. However, when we look under the water, we see that it is paddling frantically. Nowadays, many students seem to be calm and cool when they are quite stressed-out inside. Most of them have extreme goals and desires. Moreover, they have “Fake it till you make it.” as their motto.(Langlois, 2015)

After you watch the videos and read the articles, write a problem- solution essay in which you offer ways to deal with ‘Duck Syndrome’ You may either include the points in the articles or suggest new ways.


Langlois, D. (2015). Teens & the Duck Syndrome. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 13, 2018, from


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