Status Anxiety: It is a type of anxiety driven by expectations of the society and our inner critical self. Even though we are living in much more prosperous conditions, we do not feel satisfied with what we have. However, we are so good at being upset with what we do not have that we continuously deplete ourselves. The question you get asked at every party or meeting is generally “What do you do for a living?” This question forms the core of status anxiety because this is the question we ask everyone to rank them in a hierarchy. We build an invisible caste system in the modern world; we build virtual rooms to put people into and demean their importance as humans as we believe that people who get somewhere deserve to be and stay there. We materialize each other into only a title and judge each other according to those titles. Thus, we start to strive for a status rather than success itself as only status is linked to success in today`s capitalist world.


  • Alain de Botton: Status Anxiety

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  • The Status-tician

Writing Task: After reading the article and watching the videos provided, try to come up with an essay regarding status anxiety. You can focus on ways to overcome this anxiety or the causes and/or effects of status anxiety.

Note: Please prepare an outline before writing your essay!

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