This photo presents Aleppo before and after the war. How did you feel when you saw this photo? If you were a civilian living in Syria, in what ways would your life change? What could be the post – effects of the war?

War has detrimental effects both on the mental states of people and their countries. Both civilians and soldiers usually suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a war. Whereas some civilians may be able to flee to another place, some of them stay in their own country because they are too old to flee, or they do not have enough money. Unfortunately, their children have to grow up in a war zone.

Watch the videos and read the articles to find out what living in a war zone is like and get familiar with the post- effects of war. Then, write an essay in which you discuss either the causes of the mental states of refugees or the effects of wars and war zones on civilians and soldiers.


Glimpse of life inside Syrian war zone


Living their entire life in a war zone | Afghanistan 15 years later


Why civilians suffer more once a war is over | Margaret Bourdeaux



Life in a war zone – Syria


How does it feel to be a civilian in a war zone?


Born the year the U.S. invaded their country, these Afghan boys have grown up while the war grinds on


The trauma of war


Poverty & PTSD: Children Born into a War Zone


Ş. Müge UYSAL,

Yadyok Assistant