Writing Task by Hazel Şen.

What is your reaction to a mentally ill person who you come across on the street? Do you step back or say “Good morning!” with a warm smile?

People usually avoid being with a person who has a mental problem; they see them as potential trouble-makers  who are more likely to harm people. Moreover, politicians include this issue in their electoral manifestos and offer solutions to reduce the negative effects of mentally ill people.

Have you ever wondered if being a mentally ill person can make you superior to others? Studies show that people who are accepted as psychologically healthy commit more crimes than the mentally ill. Surprisingly, ill people are usually the victims. The other finding highlights the fact that there is a positive correlation between creativity and mental diseases.

Watch the videos and read the articles. Then, write an argumentative essay in which you justify why you think that having a mental illness is an advantage or a drawback. Can such a person find a job to make  a living? Does s/he need a caretaker for her entire life? If she or he is encouraged, can she /he become influential both in arts and in science?




How Creativity and Mental Illness Are Linked:

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Madness Redefined: Creativity, Intelligence and the Dark Side of the Mind


Mental illnesses that can give you superhuman brain powers

The Brighter Side To Mental Illness: Creativity

Yadyok Assistant,

Ş. Müge Uysal