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Paper Topic: __________________________________________________________________

Paper Thesis: _________________________________________________________________

Firstly read the essay silently and DO NOT mark anything.

Then, underline the points below on your peer’s essay.

Add comments if you think that something is missing in the essay.

  Yes No Comment
Does your peer have a thesis statement which indicates a specific problem and solution?      





Does the essay maintain the focus throughout the introduction, body and conclusion?      





Does the conclusion summarize the main points of the essay?      




Does the essay include relevant and reliable evidence to show the problem?      




Are the steps to the solution outlined clearly?      



Does your peer write about the possible obstacles and explain how the solution will work?      





Does your peer use a logical and effective structure to support the thesis?      




Are there transitions to connect points and ideas?      




Research Skills      
Does your peer use research from different reliable sources?      




Does your peer quote, summarize and paraphrase information effectively?      




Does your peer follow MLA guidelines correctly?      




Language Conventions      
Does your peer use appropriate language and tone for the audience and the purpose?      





Does the essay follow English conventions and cohesion with minimal errors?      





 By Elif Bedir