Thanks Hazel Şen for her courageous contribution. This essay would get 60 points in the proficiency exam.


Love is a significant emotion for everyone. Love is the most common topic in movies and books.. People love to watch and read about love. Individuals love their parents, friends, pets and partners. These different types of love cause someone to live happily and socialize easily. There are some ideas about why people fall in love.

According to Sternberg, intimacy, passion and commitment are basics of love. Intimacy is/means wanting to be with someone. Intimacy and passion create romantic love. This type of love might be good but it finishes someday. Commitment is having a reason to be with someone like loyalty. Intimacy and commitment create a powerful friendship. Friends love to be together and share their secrets. This type of love doesn’t include passion which also means sexual desire. If passion, intimacy and commitment are together people can find perfect love. Almost everyone is looking for this type of love.

Philosophers have different ideas about love. Plato thinks in the past people had four legs, four arms and two heads. However, Gods got angry with them and Zeus split people in half. Thus, when people fall in love they find their other halves. Furthermore, another philosopher, Russell thinks people fall in love because of their loneliness. Society is full of strangers and problems. People find someone not to fight alone against the world.

To sum up, love is a comprehensive feeling. It can make the world a better place. People may love everything like, their clothes, relatives and food. Different feelings like, passion, intimacy and commitment can create different types of love. Actually, love is still a secret. People don’t know the real reason for it.