Disturbing Content in Child Movies and Cartoons: The Internet has been the source for everything since it was founded. But do we really have control over the content of the internet? Who is responsible for keeping the internet as a clean and safe environment? Those who use the internet even a little bit, will say at once that the internet is not clean or safe at all. When you want to watch a video on the internet you can see a lot of inappropriate videos. This might not be a big problem for you because you know what  you want to watch and how to decide what is good or bad for you. But, what about children? These inappropriate videos are very harmful for a child`s moral and psychological development; therefore, you have to pay attention to each video your children watch so that they can grow up decently.

Pre-writing Activity


  • 10 Shockingly Inappropriate Scenes In Kids Movies


  • The disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children


  • NAKED HULK LOSES HIS PANTS | Hulk’s Butt Frozen Elsa Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh Stop Motion



  • Are your children being tricked on YouTube into watching disturbing videos – when they think they’re watching Peppa Pig?


  • The disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children


Writing Task: When you are done with reading and watching the material, try to write an essay discussing the effects of such videos on the development of children. You can think about the questions below and use the given ideas:

  1. What would you feel if you are a parent whose child watched such videos?
  2. How your child would be affected morally after seeing such images?
  3. Children`s minds are very flexible and can absorb every chunk they see like a sponge.
  4. Early development of a child is very important and requires careful handling physically and psychologically.

YADYOK Assistant
Sinan Çakmak