Pre-reading Task


  • Non-Verbal Communication | Leyla Tacconi | TEDxBritishSchoolofBrussels

  • Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Text 1

5 Ways Our Body Language Speaks Loud and Clear

New research shows how we code, and decode, our body’s messages.

Posted Oct 18, 2016 | Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.


  1. A major property that distinguishes between Clinton and Trump is their ………… .
    • words
    • gestures
    • political beliefs
    • physical features
  2. What is the conclusion of Clinton and Trump example?
  3. Visualize the following situation:  you are meeting a new friend at a party and you are not similing and making eye contact at all. How might you be perceived by him or her?
  4. It is clear that leaders or bosses have more authority in a society and they do not hesitate to express their strengths verbally and non-verbally. However, they use different strategies to do so. What are the two important conditions that effect their nonverbal cues?
  5. Bonaccio claims that in the business climate, it is essential to use body language to ………………. and ………………. . Mark the two convenient options.
    • show that you share others ideas
    • create a harmonious environment.
    • deliver your message correctly.
    • show that you care for your co-workers feelings
    • increase motivation to complete the given task
  6. A reason that may lead to a more emotionally exhausting work atmosphere may be ……………. .


Text 2

Body Language Basics

The honesty of body language

Posted Aug 21, 2011 | Joe Navarro M.A.


  1. “Nonverbal communication has been proved to be very useful for survival from the very beginning of humanity.” Find the corresponding paragraph for this idea in the text and give an example other than the examples given in the text.
  2. If you were to divide the first four paragraphs into two parts, how would you do that? State your reason.
  3. What is the logic behind our automatic reactions in certain situations? How can you explain the fact that body language is essential for us and people who are born blind will also perform them?
  4. In the sentece, “Obviously this can be very effective ….” what does ‘this’ refer to in the text?

Cross-textual Questions

  1. In the the first text it is stated that : “Whether you are nervous about an impending deadline, annoyed at a co-worker who`s not pulling his or her weight or ecstatic about good news from home, you`re sending out a steady stream of signals that reveal your internal state”. Find the corresponding idea in the second text.
  2. Before which paragraph in the second text would you put the subtitle  “Displaying emotion”? Where does this idea begin in the text?

Post-reading Activity

After reading both of the texts and watching the videos try to write a  compare-contrast essay in which you  discuss the truth  of body language and spoken language.

  1. In which one can you hide your emotions, thoughts or feelings more easily?
  2. Which one is more likely to represent the inner state of a person?
  3. Can you detect lies or the faults of an argument by reading the body language of a person?


Text 1

  1. Gestures
  2. Either instinctively or through coaching, Clinton is more capable of adjusting her body language according to the situation.
  3. You are very likely to be perceived as a stiff, uninteresting or unfriendly person.
  4. There are gender differences and cultural differences which affect the way people express their authority non-verbally.
  5. Second and fifth ones are to be picked.
  6. Trying to disguise your emotions by putting on a false set of expressions.

Text 2

  1. Third paragraph – For example, when you are eating an extremely hot meal, you primarily show this through your gestures to others around you so that they won`t have the same experience.
  2. First section: paragraph 1, 2,3 / Second section: paragraph 4 / The reason: while in the first three paragraphs it mainly discusses about survival and in the last part it discusses
  3. We learned to react to the world in real time without having to think with our innate “limbic system”.
  4. These behaviors are hard-wired.
  5. This refers to the fact that true sentiments will be reflected in our body language through displays of comfort and discomfort.

Cross-textual Questions:

  1. “… it also communicates to others instantly, through our bodies, whether or not we are comfortable or uncomfortable, content or misserable, safe or unsafe.”
  2. You can put this sub-header before the fourth paragraph because from this point on, the text mainly discusses feelings and emotions.

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