Reading Task:

How Segregated Schools Built Segregated Cities

By Emily Lieb

Feb 2, 2017



The History of Jim Crow Laws- Part 1

The History of Jim Crow Laws- Part 4

Kids Talk about Segregation

Baltimore Apartheid: Government-Enforced Segregation (This is a lecture. Please try to take notes of key terms while listening.)


  1. What the video

to find out what apartheid was like. What effects of apartheid are presented in the text?

  1. We understand from the first couple of paragraphs that………………………. … , which is why white families began to move to another neighborhood when the old school, near their houses, was assigned to the other ethnic groups.
  2. The freedom of movement and residence is one of the human rights. Which action violates this in the text?
  3. In Hatay, groups with diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds have been living together for years. That’s why Hatay is known for its cultural diversity and respect for diversities. If the historian in the text had a chance to examine Hatay, what would his or her comment on it be?
  4. White people who lived in West Baltimore were outraged by the proposal to open a colored school in their neighborhood because………….
  • they were partly in favor of racial and cultural diversity in schools.
  • they did not want their neighborhood to turn into a colored neighborhood.
  • their main concern was to preserve the values of their societies and the rights of black people.
  • they were dedicated to equal standards in education even though they did not have school-age children.
  1. The presence of Jim Crow schools was encouraged by the white population due to the fact that…………………. and …………………….
  2. The writer claims that parents are tempted to buy a house in the suburbs for the sake of sending their children to a prestigious school. What makes a school and a neighborhood prestigious is ………………
  3. The writer implies that school district lines might not be innocently drawn in contrast to what Justice Marshall says/ white and black people should not be segregated / white people tend to follow a white school fashion / policy makers deliberately encourage the segregation between the black and the white to preserve a marketplace


  1. school and neighbourhood segregation
  2. School segregation creates neighborhood segregation
  3. The nation’s first residential segregation ordinance
  4. Hatay has got a “salt and pepper” pattern.
  5. The second
  6. these schools are an obstacle to black migration and they ensure white assets safety
  7. Branding
  8. The last


The Fine Line between Safe Space and Segregation I love the post reading activity

By Emily Deruy


Do People Want to Live in Segregation

Please think about the differences or similarities between safe space and segregation. In addition, what drives people to segregate and why?

Writing Task:

Write an argumentative essay in which you discuss whether safe space is a kind of racism or not. Do people who want to live in segregation seek for a safe space? Or is segregation something to be forced?

Yadyok Assistant,

Ş.Müge Uysal