Economic Inequality: We all tend to be fooled when we think about ‘power’ as brute force or military power. What rules over us and gives power to those who are in charge is basically economics, in other words; money. To rule over people, you need to divide them into groups which are powerless in a sense against the authority so that they cannot interrupt your reign. A lot of tools have been put into practice to separate people such as religion, ethnicity and etc. However, the most powerful and effective tool has been proved to be ‘economics’. Economic inequality must exist to give more power to the upper class and less to the lower. This makes us say that we are broken because the system is broken.

Pre-writing Tasks


  • Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew

  • Income and Wealth Inequality: Crash Course Economics

  • Wealth Inequality and How to Change it | Jan Tobochnik | TEDxKalamazooCollege


  • Six policies to reduce economic inequality

  • 5 Government Policies to Reduce Income Inequality

Writing Task: After you are done with watching the videos and reading the material, write an essay in which you discuss this problem of inequality and possible solutions for this. First, define the problem clearly in your essay and then write about possible solutions you would put into practice to reduce or eliminate this problem. While writing your essay you can concentrate on issues like;

  1. Increasing the minimum wage.
  2. Expanding the earned income.
  3. Increasing awareness.
  4. Creating a better tax system.

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