What Can Our Bones Reveal About Urbanization?


KRUTIKA PATHI | Mar 6, 2017


  • Urbanization and Its Effect on Human Health


  • Today’s Bones



  • What was the purpose of the research which is conducted by Brenna Hassett?
  • What was the methodology of the research conducted by Brenna Hassett?
  • In the 4th paragraph, what does ‘push-pull’ refer to in the text ?
  • Although we have come up with the idea of building cities to live in, we still could not ………….. .
  • The main idea of the 5th paragraph can be that ………….
    1. Once we move to another city we also change our lifestyle.
    2. Once we change our bodies we also change our lifestyle.
    3. Once the city landscapes started to change, we started to move more.
    4. Once we change our lifestyle we also change our bodies.
  • What were the two advantages and disadvantages of a global-connected city?
Advantages Disadvantages


  • In the sentence ‘… and that`s a very city story’ what does ‘that’ refer to?
  • Although urbanization is depicted as an unfavorable process in the text, towards the end we can actually see a surprising and quite positive result although yet unconfirmed. What is that beneficial result?
  • What is the genre of the text and the main idea of it?


  • Effects of Urbanization


  • Urbanization | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy


After reading and watching the material, you will have a lot of information about effects of urbanization. Try to write an essay discussing the effects of urbanization which might be positive or negative.


  1. She conducted this experiment to find out more about what our bones reveal about the metropolitan past and future.
  2. She dug up dead people and examined their bones to see the changes in human bodies through the passage of time.
  3. Push-pull in the text refers to the fact that people come up with an invention and then they get frustrated with the idea after a while and try to improve it more and more.
  4. Although we have come up with the idea of building cities to live in, we still could not adapt to it.
  5. Answer is 4.
  6. Advantages Disadvantages
    It provides people with an ease of movement. This ease of movement also enables diseases like plague and syphilis to transfer easily.
    In a global-connected city, transportation of foods and other stuff is easier. In a global-connected city, due to restrictions to certain goods resulting from financial problems, people may face inequality.
  7.  That refers to the fact that while some people can reach everything, people who are on the other side of the continuum cannot gain access to even basic needs and this is the story which is common in most cities.
  8.  Urbanization seems to lead to a decrease in the level of violence.
  9. It is written as an interview text and it mainly talks about how urbanization affected our physical structures.

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