Capitalism vs. Socialism: Maybe one of the most controversial issues in the world is the question of whether capitalism is best or what is best for everyone is socialism. This issue has heated up since WW I, with the emergence of socialism as a solution for The Great Depression, one of the worst economical crises the world has ever faced. Soviets were living in peace and with a relative ease with socialism while most of the European countries which were governed by capitalism were suffering. Moreover, WW II can be regarded as the war of these two ideologies because capitalists were so frightened of the idea that their system would fall and with that they would fall too that they had to fight with it. And this story goes on and on…

Pre-writing Task:

  • Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33

  • Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues

  • Everybody talks about capitalism — but what is it? | Kajsa Ekis Ekman | TEDxAthens

  • What Is Socialism?


  • Capitalism vs. Socialism

Writing Task: After you watch the videos and read the material provided, write an essay discussing on which side you make your stand and explain your reasons for your choice. While writing your essay, you can concentrate on the issues given:

  • Inequality vs. equality- Which one is more equal in what sense?
  • Cooperation vs. Individual work.
  • Governmental procedures.
  • The social structure of a country.
  • Sustainability of the ideologies.

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