Writing Task:

Child marriage is defined as a formal marriage or informal union under the age of 18, which affects both boys and girls. However, girls have been affected more than boys. This phenomenon causes physiological and psychological deprivation. In addition, girls are more likely to die or give birth to still born infants due to teenage pregnancy. Instead of going to school or playing with their peers, they are put in charge of the house and become financially dependent on their spouses. Therefore, they are more likely to experience sexual abuse and domestic violence.


Unicef- Child Marriage

Girls Not Brides


No time to lose

11-year-old girl married to a 40-year-old man

Too young to wed- National Geographic Live

Prezi Presentation on the effects and solutions:

Child Marriage

After watching the videos and reading the articles, write about what causes child marriage and what kind of effects this phenomenon has got. Name the effects on the individual and society.

Where does this phenomenon stem from? What kind of problems does it cause? How can we stop child marriage? Suggest possible solutions. Who is in charge of suggesting solutions: government and policy makers or society? Why?

Yadyok Assistant,

Ş.Müge Uysal