Making Potato Chips

Watch the video from the link below

How do they make potato chips/crisps?

Watch a video which shows the process

Write a description of the process using the passive and some sequencing words

A) Look at these verbs. Check you know the meanings

manufacture / drop / move / take / wash / rinse / sort / peel / slice / fry / salt / shake / dry / cool / pack / seal / transport

B) Do you know the participles?

Highlight below for the answers

manufactured / dropped / moved / taken / washed / rinsed / sorted / peeled / sliced / fried / salted / shaken / dried / cooled / packed / sealed / transported

C) Check you know these words

conveyor belt / tank / oil / packet

D) Using the present simple passive

  • The passive is associated with an impersonal formal style. It is often used in notices, announcements and describing processes.
  • Check you know how to make the present simple passive with this presentation

Transform the description of “Chip Making process” from active to passive voice

Note: if the passive form is not applicable keep the active sentence in your description

First, the factory collects the potatoes from the local farmers and delivers them to the factory, Then the big belt conveyor drops them to a water tank. Then they wash the potatoes and get rid of their dirt, after that process, they peel the potatoes skin and slice it into thin pieces. They send them into hot oil to fry until they get golden yellow. Then they pour salt on the fried products and shake it until the salt get dissolved. At the end of the trough, a wire mesh belt pulls out the hot chips. As the chips move along the mesh conveyor belt, the machine drains off the excessive oil and the chips begin to cool. They then move under an optical sorter that picks out any burnt slices and removes them with puffs of air. With using the belt the workers dry the chips from its oil and Finally, the chips go to the sealing platform and the workers pack twenty of the packets together into a box to transfer process.

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