Necessity, Prohibition, and Permission

Choose the modal verb appropriate for the context.


I’m really out of shape. I ____________________________ going to the gym regularly.


  • must start
  • must be starting
  • has to start
  • have started

You ___________________________ cigarettes in British Columbia unless you are 19 years of age. That is the law.


  • don’t have to buy
  • must not buy
  • shouldn’t buy
  • cannot buy


You _____________________________ a 15% tip after eating in a restaurant in British Columbia. It is expected.


  • should leave
  • must have left
  • must leave
  • have got to leave


When you meet someone for the first time in Canada, you _______________________________________________________


  • have got to introduce yourself
  • have to introduce yourself
  • must to introduce yourself.
  • should introduce yourself.


A good sense of humour is important, even in business. You _____________________________________ serious all the time.


  • don’t got to be
  • don’t have to be
  • mustn’t be
  • don’t not have to be


There’s no hurry. You ________________________________ that report until Friday of next week.


  • don’t have to be finishing
  • shouldn’t have to finish
  • have to not finish
  • don’t have to finish


The sign says “No parking”. That means you ______________________________________________


  • cannot be leaving your car here.
  • cannot leave your car here.
  • shouldn’t have to leave your car here.
  • mustn’t to leave your car here.


At my school, students _____________________________ uniforms. We could wear whatever we wanted.

  • had not wear
  • don’t have to wear
  • didn’t have got to wear
  • didn’t have to wear

Watch out for that car, Timmy! You ___________________________________ both ways before you step into the street.


  • should be looking
  • have got to look
  • had to look
  • must have looked


Life would be so much better if none of us _________________________________________


  • must have started working.
  • had to work.
  • had to have start working.
  • have to work.


Writing Task

You received a text message from your younger sister, she states that she got arrested in another country due to her heavy drinking habit and disorganized lifestyle. It seems that she will be in jail for a while and she asks you to write your suggestions about how should she spend her time there and can she change. Write her a letter with your own suggestions and the points below.

Advise her:

  • not to tell this issue to your parents
  • break up with her boyfriend who is an alcoholic
  • come back to home
  • find a proper job
  • to be careful in the jail
  • What she could have done in past different

Offer her

  • to send some money







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