Obesity: Obesity is one of the most common health problems all across the world. Although it does not always end with death, it can cause a lot of social, psychological and health problems. Obesity seriously interferes with someone`s life in many ways, for example an obese person cannot simply go outside just because he or she thinks that he is ugly and people look at him and pity him. Although it is generally caused by overeating or compulsive eating, some times it may be caused by psychological breakdown after the loss of a spouse or the death of a parent. 


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Writing Task: Read the articles above and watch the videos to get an idea of obesity before you start to write. After getting yourself acquainted with the topic, try to write an essay discussing the causes and effects of obesity. While writing your essay, keep these questions below in your mind:

  1. Why is obesity an important concern in today`s world?
  2. What are the possible outcomes of obesity?
  3. Imagine that you are an obese person, what would you do, how would your daily routines be affected by obesity?

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