Urban Transformation/Gentrification: Gentrification, in other words urban transformation, is a process that mainly focuses on re-vitalization of a vacant or more isolated part of a city by building new houses, parks, cultural facilities and etc. From this point of view, it seems really beneficial for both the country and its residents. However, on the other side of the coin, there stands the former inhabitants in the target area. The gentrification process affects their old life-styles and forces them to adopt a new one. Another outcome would be a chaotic environment in which people who adopted different types of life-styles and share different cultural backgrounds.


Writing Task: After you watch the videos and read the articles, write an essay discussing the

advantages and disadvantages of  urban transformation. While writing your essay, keep the following

questions in your mind:

  • In what senses might gentrification enhance the current status of a city?
  • How would you react to the urban transformation process if you were one of the inhabitants who was dwelling in the target area?
  • What are the possible adverse effects of urban transformation in terms of socio-cultural status, nature and population?

YADYOK Assistant

Sinan Çakmak