Water Pollution: Water pollution is one of the most life-threatening hazards in the world! We, as humans, need water to maintain our lives. However, again as humans, we pollute our environment one of them being water resources and put ourselves in danger in the long run. Today, these facts might seem insignificant but in a couple of decades, when the water scarcity starts to emerge, as it has already done in some countries, we will have understood what a dangerous position we have put ourselves into. I hope that it won`t be too late to to turn back the clock when we realize the danger.



Writing Task: After you watch the videos and read the articles about water pollution try to write a problem solution essay. While doing your writing task, keep in mind such questions;

  1. ·         Why is it essential to save our water resources from pollution? (In terms of life, energy, sanitation, etc.)
  2. ·         What are we doing to our environment, in other words, how do we contribute to water pollution?
  3. ·         What are the possible outcomes of water pollution and how can we prevent these catastrophic outcomes?

YADYOK Assistant

  •      Sinan Çakmak