Environmental Refugees

Global climate change has devastating effects on animals, plants and oceans. Oceans have been getting warmer since 1970. Animals who live in oceans are escaping from the heat. Inevitably, global climate change has threatened the lives of people across the world and lead them to move to different areas. The term “environmental refugees” describes people who are forced to migrate to a near-by city or another country because of a sudden change in environment such as drought, sea level rise and desertification.

Writing Task:

Watch the videos and read the articles about environmental refugees. Write a cause and effect essay about environmental refugees. What caused environmental refugees to leave their homes, what changed in our world to cause such a big problem? What kind of effects does it have in our lives?

Write a problem solution essay about environmental refugees. After watching the videos and reading the articles, do your own research about possible solutions to provide environmental refugees with alternative homes and occupations.
Environmental Refugees
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