The increasing abuse of alcohol is becoming more of a problem than it has ever been around the world. The frequent abuse of alcohol results in alcoholism. The situation is becoming more desperate and we need to be aware of the factors causing alcohol dependence to prevent its serious psychological, physical, mental consequences. You can write a cause and effect essay about the factors leading to alcohol addiction and the possible solutions to overcome this problem.

Prepared by Sevgi KAÇAR

Suggested Material to Familiarize Yourself  with the Topic:

  • What is alcohol addiction?

Am I addicted to alcohol?

If you are worried that your drinking is getting out of hand, you can take the following test and discover where you stand! Please keep in mind that the results provided here are not intended to diagnose whether you are an alcoholic / addicted to alcohol / a problem drinker or not as they are not a full evaluation by a health professional.

  • What are the factors which lead to alcohol dependence?

  • How can we make the risk lower?

  • What are the effects of alcoholism on human health?