The space has always been an object of curiosity for people and Mars is the most probed planet.  There are many completed or ongoing missions on Mars which cost a fortune. A group of people protest against the Mars projects reflecting that there are many people starving in the world and they need the money which is wasted on Mars projects.

After you have done your research, write an essay in which you argue if the money spent on Mars is worth or not.

Difficulty: Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced

Here is some material you can read about the topic

Is exploring Mars worth the investment?

NASA’s About to Have Its Biggest Budget in a Decade

5 undeniable reasons humans need to colonize Mars — even though it’s going to cost billions

Here is a talk for you to watch

The Exploration and Colonization of Mars: Why Mars? Why Humans?

You can also read the reactions of people to the space exploration


Is space exploration a waste of money? 

(Prepared by Yasemin GÖK)