Watch the video: Documentary: The benefits of sports on teenagers


Watch the video: Importance & Benefits of Sports on your Health


Watch video: Why Playing Sport Gets You Better Grades


There is a slideshow of Week 4 reading part: Sports, Academic Performance and Identity


(Please read the text from your book, also)


  1. Read paragraph 1. For each statement, write T (true), F (false), or NG (not given).

……. Voluntary immigrants lose their own traditions as they become a part of the dominant culture.

……. Voluntary immigrants are not discouraged by discrimination and difficulties.

……. Voluntary immigrants were not subjected to oppression or colonization in their country origin.

……. Involuntary immigrants resist becoming a part of the dominant culture.

  1. According to Fordham, what is the cost of success in school for black students?
  1. Rosaldo’s understanding of culture as dynamic and ever-changing resulted in Hall’s idea of ………. and ……………. identities.
  1. What do people’s experiences in different communities allow them to shape?
  1. What do urban students’ efforts to balance their academic and social identities exemplify?

Please check other texts to get more information.


The Effect of Sports on Teenagers by Susan Diranian


Why Sport is a Great Outlet for Teenagers?


The Benefits of Participating in Sports

Read the text about the disadvantages of Children in Sports and think about it.


Writing Task:

“Participation in after school sports should be encouraged because it keeps teens out of trouble.”

Write an essay agreeing or disagreeing with the statement above.

You may use the points below or any others you think suitable. Please remember that YOU CANNOT USE THE POINT AS THEY ARE. This is a list, and therefore lacks essential verbs, determiners and such. You need to take the idea and express it in grammatically correct sentences.

Ø  Good values and behavior encouraged

Ø  Teamwork and leadership promoted

Ø  Teen with trusted people at known location involved in approved activity

Ø  Harmful substances discouraged (negative effect on performance)

Ø  Not the only structured leisure activity possible

Ø  Part time jobs more beneficial

Ø  Afternoon academic activities more beneficial

Ø  Possible violence in case of poor-quality or uncontrolled sports activities