by İrfan Kıryar


Culture, in other words how people live, behave, react …, varies among countries, even within the same country. Therefore, what may be perfectly normal in one country can sometimes be a grave insult in another. Etiquette varies widely from culture to culture.

1)      Can you state two behaviours and attitudes that are unique to our culture?

2)      Do you know how to behave in different cultures? For example  in Japan, tipping at restaurants is considered as an insult. Please state two examples.

3)      Let’s look at this website  where you will see a selection of countries. Write the names of the countries in which people don’t shake hands when greeting each other and the countries in which people tip 10 percent of the prices at restaurants or less.

4)      Now, please examine India, Egypt and Ecuador. Then write an compare and contrast essay in terms of tipping, gestures, dining and do’s&don’ts.