Discussion questions
  1. Are you a social person? What does a social person do?
  2. What about an asocial person? How do they behave?
  3. Do you know the difference between asocial and antisocial? Which one is more dangerous? Let’s learn more about antisocial behaviour: look at Ali, Ali is a child who exhibits antisocial behaviour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAqkyTH2NfM


True or False (after watching video)
1.One’s antisocial behaviour is harming other people and their property.
2.The absence of antisocial and presence of prosocial behaviour are two components of antisocial behaviour.
3.Antisocial behaviour is only seen in childhood.
4.There is no theory to explain antisocial behaviour’s causes.
5.The nature of a prevention is based on its underlying approach and the age group.

Asocial vs Antisocial


Someone who doesn’t enjoy socializing at parties might be described as either “asocial” or “antisocial,’ but “asocial” is too mild a term to describe someone who commits an antisocial act like planting a bomb. “Asocial” suggests indifference to or separation from society, whereas “antisocial” more often suggests active hostility toward society.(taken from http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/asocial.html 12.03.2015)

Write a compare & contrast essay on asocial and antisocial behaviour

Answer key for true or false
2.FALSE – The presence antisocial and the absence of prosocial behaviour.
3.FALSE It can be seen in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
4.FALSE Coercion Theory-The Social Developmental Model and General Developmental Model are used to explain its causes.
Prepared by Neşe Cambaz