Pre-reading: Listening and writing

Watching the video ‘What is Computer forensics


Choose the correct prepositional phrases for the sentences below. The sentences come directly from the video.

Subjected to –- associated with – pertaining to – with the aim of –accepted as

  1. Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science ___________________ legal evidence.
  2. The goal of computer forensics is to examine digital media __________________ identifying facts.
  3. It is most often ________________ the investigation of a wide variety of computer crime.
  4. Evidence from computer forensic investigation is usually_______________ the same guidelines of other digital evidence.
  5. It is becoming widely _________________ reliable within U.S.

Post Reading: Writing and speaking

Latest Ransomware Threat

‘’CryptoWall is a new ransomware which encrypts files on a computer’s hard drive. It directs the user to a personalized victim ransom page which contains the initial ransom. The ransomware gives instructions about how to purchase Bitcoins. CryptoWall infects victims when they click on links in malicious e-mails.These infections can be devastating. Moreover, recovery can be a difficult process. ‘’

The original text can be found at FBI’s website,


–          After reading the sample above, check for different news of cybercrime and write a paragraph(50-100 words) about the news.

–          Discuss your news in the class.

Prepared by Büşra Kamaz and Didem Bayrak